Casual, classy or preppy... as long as it's true Gingham

Experience the classic preppy look of gingham. From crisp and airy cotton, you'll love to style this checkered pattern!


Casual, classy or preppy... as long as it's true Gingham

Gingham is made from lightweight, plain woven cotton. Smooth, poplin cotton. Today any chess checks fabric is labelled gingham, even prints and twill...

True Gingham however, is made with white and another color to create a check or plaid design. Real gingham is distinguished primarily for being a yarn dyed fabric (the yarn is dyed before it is woven). Gingham is marked by having the colored yarns (the warp) going against the uncolored yarns (the weft), to create a lightweight texture on both faces, this makes it essentially reversible. 

Gingham has been a major mid-seasons trend for the past couple of years.

This classic light weight woven yarn dyed gingham fabric is extremely versatile and breezy. There are many polyester shirts or printed checks out there but, pure cotton is airy and moisture-wicking. Camixa vichy shirts are made with 100% cotton gingham fabric


The story: Gingham comes from the Malay striped fabric "Genggam", that was imported to England in the 17th CenturySomewhere along the line in the 18th century, mills in Manchester, England incorporated checks and plaids. In Europe they call it Vichy, like the French town that started the production of this fabric.  

The check is as classic as polka dots and stripes. It's kind of edgy vibe makes it perfect for the cross season and warm weather. Wear it under a wool jumper in winter and a nice belt for a preppy style.

The checks come in a variety of sizes... large checks a for a free time, country look, small checks are a pattern like stripes that can be dressed up for a business meeting. 

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