Mens Shirts Size Guide

Shirts styles
Option 1
Buy your normal size! Our sizes are very similar to popular Australian brands. If you would normally wear, say a Medium, then purchase a Medium! If you normally wear a Large for example, then get our Large as well! However, please mind that NO Tuck shirts are designed for man shorter than Cm 184.
Option 2:
If you don't know what size you are, or you don't have another shirt to compare with, then take a look at our sizing video and check the size charts below: 
Not sure of your size? Don’t skip this simple and effective check!
To find your size, simply select a similar style of shirt / top you currently wear, lay it flat on a table and take two measurements:
 Shirt Bust Width
      Measure across the chest fabric, from under-arm to underarm. See image below.
 ✓ Shirt Waist Width 
       Measure across the waist fabric from side to side and extra inch to your measurements (1-2cm) See image below.
 ✓ Compare it
size chart
Check the fabric dimensions chart below to see which size for this garment has the most similar measurements.

NOTE: We have 3 major cuts/styles: Casual Fit (Relaxed), Slim-Fit (semi tailored), No Tuck Slim Fit (shorter than standard shirts and slightly fitted)

To find out the style name of the shirt you want to purchase read the Key Features in the product details.

The Casual Fit cut shirt is relaxed and loose.
Casual shirt size chart

The Slim - Sports fit shirt is slim cut, slightly tailored but still roomy. Wear this style to look slimmer or sharper.
slim-fit shirt size chart


The NO Tuck shirt is a slim fit cut, shorter than a regular shirt. Designed to be warn for casual days, this shirt is not a tuck in shirt. We suggest to choose this style if you are shorter than Cm 184/6 Feet.

No tuck shirt size chart

Need assistance? Not sure about your size? No problem: email us


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