Collaboration Requirement

Hi There!
We'd love to send you a CAMIXA shirt! ✨
This collaboration allows you to receive 1 Camixa shirt of your choice (Cotton shirts or Linen shirts) in return for 1 x dedicated feed post or 1x Instagram Reel and x 1-2 stories, mentioning @camixa and your discount code (your discount code will be $20 off for your followers).💥
We ask you include #camixa as well as #gifted or #ad in your stories/feed when promoting the product.
Content is expected within 2 weeks of delivery. Your post must stay live for a minimum of 2 months. No tagging of other brands in the post.
This form is exclusively for you. Do not share.
Looking forward to seeing your styling!
Please see this suggestion sheets before taking a photo with our shirt.
 Click HERE  to fill the form Request