Silk Shirt: Essential and chic you can't live without

A silk shirt is one of those garments that can complete a look with minimal effort and can be worn all year round. Luxurious and chic, its versatility allows for a wide range of combinations.

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It is an undeniable must-have in a woman’s wardrobe, timeless and trend-proof, never losing its charm. This is due to its essential elegance and versatility, which enables it to enhance any outfit in any season. Yes, we are talking about the silk shirt. Light, refined, and gracefully seductive. It 's long-lasting if well cared for. The possibilities in design and pairing are endless. And... it suits all ages!

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Camixa Silk Camisole will elevate any outfit. Great under a shirt or linen blazer

How to style a Silk Blouse

The versatility of a silk shirt is one of its greatest attributes. Those who favour classic style know well: a silk shirt pairs perfectly with suits – whether blazer/pants or skirt makes no difference. Try it on oversized blazers, as current trends dictate. Speaking of skirts, pairing with long skirts that follow the body's curves is also a winning combination.

Silk can truly surprise as it's basically a step up in style. Silk shirts pair excellently with shorts, mini skirts, both pencil and flared, palazzo pants, and long, flared skirts. Dress it down and discover its more casual side by wearing your favourite jeans: wide-leg or skinny, ripped or low-waist, there are no limits. If undecided, it may be helpful to take a cue from celeb preferences or even with cargo pants!

Wear it with leather pants or a mini skirt, or experiment with shiny vinyl for a rock and edgy vibe.

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Camixa Silk Shirts are crafted with Sand Washed Silk: The LETE Silk Shirt, The Satin Silk Shirt


The Trendiest Silk Blouses

Oversized shirts are in and are going to stay for a long time. You can either go for a "native" oversize silk shirt like our Soie Silk blouses, or size up in a Regular fit Silk shirts.

In autumn and winter, solid colours dominate. Black makes a comeback, along with deep hues like coffee and lilac. On the opposite side, but equally charismatic, are light and neutral tones: beige, cream, gold..

A silk shirt to keep on hand all year round is the white one. When temperatures drop, it peeks out from under soft, cozy cardigans and pullovers; when they rise, it fits perfectly under a jacket or can be worn alone, perhaps with rolled-up sleeves. The  white silk shirt  is one of the most reliable answers to the problematic “what should I wear?” moments.
silk blousesCamixa Silk Blouses: The LETE Silk Shirt with Pockets, The Satin Silk Shirt in regular fit, The Soie Silk Shirt in oversized fit

Let's make it clear

It is not uncommon to mix up Satin silk shirt with a satin silk shirt, or rather to believe they are the same thing. They are not. Silk is a natural fiber derived from an insect – a lepidopteran – belonging to the Bombycidae family and called, appropriately, the silk moth. The term “satin” refers to a particular weave, a specific way of interlacing threads to create a fabric. These threads are often silk but can also be made of artificial or synthetic fibers.

Silk satin is softer and more lustrous than polyester satin, which has a duller finish. Silk satin also is beautiful to the touch, while polyester satin is quite unpleasant. Plus silk lasts longer and has a more positive ecological impact.

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